USA F1 Academic Visa

If you have been putting yourself through sleepless nights because you want to travel to the USA, then let Sync visas be of help to you. We are USA Visa and Immigration experts with long standing results. Many of our clients are already living in the US. Whether it is USA work visa you need or USA visa from Dubai or you are confused about USA visa requirements, you are welcome to share your issues with us and we promise you prompt solutions.

The F1 Academic visa is designed for students who want to study in the US. If you already are through with your secondary education and you want to further your education in a US higher institution, then here are the USA visa requirements you must supply alongside your USA visa application:

  • A form I-20 document issued by the institution you have chosen to study in. The document is a proof that they have granted you acceptance to study in the institution.
  • You must be able to proof that your study in the US is a genuine progression of academic studies.
  • You must also be able to show that there is enough money to take care of your needs in the US.

Once you can supply these, you can leave the rest to us at Sync visas. Our Visa attorneys will take up your case and assess your application for errors. Most students who go through get their visas first time. There is therefore no need to panic.

Beneficiaries of the F1 Academic visa get to study anywhere in the US, travel to and from the US during the duration of study and tenure of visa, may get access to work although they do not have a valid USA work visa. If however the course of study extends beyond the visa tenure, extension can be applied for and it will be granted without delay.

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