Canada Spouse Visa

This visa will allow the spouse of a Canadian citizen or PR holder to migrate to Canada

The spouse visa will allow you to settle permanently in Canada.

You would need to show that you are married to or in a common law relationship to a Canadian Citizen or PR holder.

The great news is that it will lead to Canadian Citizenship.

Canada Spouse Visa

The Canada spouse visa is designed for those who have spouses or common law partners who are citizens or permanent residents in Canada. The visa will allow the spouse who is a foreign national to migrate to Canada to be with their spouse who is a Canadian citizen on a permanent basis.

The Canada visa requirements for this visa include a proof of relationship between the Canadian citizen who is your spouse or common law partner. This proof will include marriage certificates, pictures and other documents.

If you are looking for job opportunities in Canada and you have a spouse who is a citizen, you don’t need to go through another means, this is the best option for you as it also gives you access to work and live in Canada. You are welcome to talk to us at Sync visas. Our expert immigration consultants in Dubai are willing to help you through your Canada visa application process. We are not only experts in Canada visas, we also specialize in migration from Dubai to Australia. So you are free to consult with us concerning your visa from Canada to Australia from Dubai.

All applications passed through our assessment process get higher chances of doing well at the consulate eventually. We do thorough checks to the minutest detail and give you a honest report of your application. If you are satisfied, we can go ahead and if you are not, we can pursue a different visa. You are welcome to give us a call if you have any questions at all concerning migrating to Canada.

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