Canada Visit Visa

The Canadian Visit Visa also known as a Temporary Residence Permit is a great way to see the country. It will allow you to enter and visit Canada for business or pleasure for up to 6 months at a time.

Generally a first time visa of 6 months is granted, however you can also apply for a 10 year multiple entry visa!

All nationalities are eligible to apply and the process is very quick.

Canada Visit Visa

The Canada visit visa, also known as Temporary Residence Permit is a type of express entry Canada visa offered to foreign nationals by the Canadian government, granting them access to see the country. This visa will allow foreign nationals to enter and visit Canada only for business or pleasure for up to 6 months per time, but such many not look for jobs in Canada or work with the same visa.

There are many visas to Canada that grant access to Canada. It all depends on the purpose of visit. If you are planning to visit Canada and don’t know what kind of Canada visa application to complete, you are welcome to talk to us at Sync Visas. Our Canada immigration consultants in Dubai are ever ready to guide you in selecting the best visa for you.

Once you meet the Canada visa requirements for the visit visa, your visa will be granted by the consulate. The processing time is for only a few weeks or less. If you have been thinking of seeing the beauty of Canada or you just want to visit a couple of friends or family members, there is no better visa than this. You are also welcome to ask us at Sync visas about other visas, should you be considering other countries apart from Canada. We can help you with visas from Canada to Australia from Dubai and vice versa. Our experts are highly resourceful and good at what they do. We can make the whole process, which is usually stressful for first timers, a very easy one for you.

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