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Some of the best educational systems in the world is found in Canada. If you are a student planning to further your education or startup your higher education in Canada, you may want to consider our niche offering which we believe will be a great value to you. You are welcome to apply for the Canada student visa which grants you access to all the best schools in Canada. This is type of express entry Canada visa as it is issued almost instantly.


  • While you are studying, you are free to bring in your family to live in Canada for up to 4 years.
  • Your dependent is free to work full time or part time
  • Once your degree is completed, you will be granted a 3 year work permit by the Government of Canada so that you can look for job opportunities in Canada and work full time.
  • While you are working, you are free to apply for permanent residence which can eventually lead to Citizenship for you and your family.

Together with your Canada visa application for Student visa, you must provide a proof of admission in the form of Letter of Acceptance from the Canadian institution where you wish you study. Other Canada visa requirements for the study visa can be found out from our Canada immigration consultants in Dubai. All our consultants are licensed experts and specialists in Canada to Australia visas from Dubai as well as Dubai to Canada and Australia visas.

You are welcome to take our free assessment at Sync visas, we promise you an honest review of your application and further advice and guide as you proceed in the visa process.

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