UK United Kingdom Tier 2 General

The UK Tier 2 General which is also known as Work visa for UK or UK work permit allows you to work in the United Kingdom freely. Before you can obtain a UK work permit, you must be sponsored by an employer who is in the UK and you must be willing to work for this employer for up to 3 years. After the first 3 years, you can ask for extension of your visa for another 3 years for which you can pick up a different job.

Before you can be granted a UK Tier 2 General visa, you must have:

  • Shown an offer of employment from a licensed employer in the UK. This is known as the Employment Certificate.
  • Correct salary which commensurate with your occupation
  • Met the English requirement to work in the UK
  • Up to 900 GBP in savings which is what you will be supporting yourself with pending the time you start earning in full.

With the Tier 2 General UK work visa,

  • Holders can work in the UK for employer
  • Holder can ask for additional 3 years extension
  • Holder can apply for permanent residency after 6 years in the UK
  • Holder has access to free medical

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