Canada Provincial Nominee Program

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program, apart from other visas to Canada, is one of the viable and easy ways to gain permanent residence permit in Canada. The holder is also free to access the jobs in Canada and apply for these jobs.

The Canadian government allow provinces, in a way to relieve their labor shortages, to open up their own Nomination Programs. These programs allow applicants from foreign countries to apply directly to the State or Province for permanent residency, rather than forwarding the application to the Canadian government. Canada visa application of this type is only accepted from skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors.

At the moment, applicants can send their applications directly to these provinces since they are currently open to receive applications:

1.Manitoba Province. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program requires that the applicant have a close relative or a friend who already lives in Manitoba Province as well as meet the required point score.

2.Nova Scotia Province. The Nova Scotia Provincial Nomine program requires that applicants should have at least 67 points to quality.

3.Saskatchewan Province. The Canada visa requirements for the Saskatchewan Province is that applicants must be in the general Express Entry Canada pool first before they can be nominated.

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Successful applicants of the nominee program are granted permanent residency and are free to bring in family to work and live in Canada. They are also free to access the free healthcare and educational services for children. After 3 years, they are free to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

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