Migration to New Zealand from Dubai

New Zealand offers a range of benefits for potential migrants. From the natural beauty of the country, to the high quality of life and friendly atmosphere, it's easy to see why so many people are considering migration to New Zealand from Dubai. With a low unemployment rate and high educational standards, it's an attractive country for those who are seeking a better life for their family, and there are many ways to migrate to New Zealand from the UAE. At Sync Visas, we are experts in the visa application process for New Zealand and many other countries, and could help you start a new life in this pleasant country.

Skilled immigrants

The people who will find it easiest to get a passport for New Zealand will be those who qualify for a Skilled Migrant Category Visa. Many native New Zealanders chose to move abroad after university, meaning the country needs to get more people with shortage skills, and if you're considering immigration to New Zealand from Dubai, then being in a skilled category will make the process easier. Our team of expert New Zealand immigration consultants have a full list of the shortage skills, but a few examples of people that are needed in the country include:

  • Farmers
  • Construction managers
  • University lecturers
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Scaffolders & other tradespeople
  • accountants
  • chartered accountant
  • management accountant
  • chief accountant
  • account manager
  • accounts director
  • head of accounts
  • financial controller
  • certified accountant
  • tax manager
  • tax specialist
  • internal auditor
  • external auditor
  • chief auditor
  • finance director
  • finance manager
  • architect
  • landscape architect
  • engineers
  • chemical engineer
  • mechanical engineer
  • aeronautical engineer
  • marine engineer
  • electrical engineer
  • engineering project manager
  • project engineer
  • engineering manager
  • structural engineer
  • safety engineer
  • biomedical engineer
  • petroleum engineer
  • it manager
  • network engineer
  • systems and network engineer
  • systems and networks specialist
  • network manager
  • systems analyst
  • systems administrator
  • database administrator
  • head of IT
  • it project manager
  • it analyst
  • network architect
  • banker
  • bank manager
  • broker
  • stock broker
  • insurance manager
  • quality manager
  • quality assurance specialist
  • call center manager
  • logistics manager
  • distribution manager
  • supply chain manager
  • planning manager
  • planning and policy manager
  • lawyer
  • legal specialist
  • legal executive
  • nurse
  • licensed nurse
  • nursing manager
  • practical nurse
  • doctors
  • surgeon
  • general practitioner
  • radiologist
  • x-ray technician
  • radio technician
  • lab technician
  • biologist
  • pharmacists
  • chemist
  • geologist
  • hr managers
  • hr executive
  • marketing manager
  • marketing specialist
  • operations manager
  • general manager
  • shipping manager
  • graphic designer
  • teachers/lecturers
  • professor
  • physiotherepist
  • CEO
  • director
  • managing director
  • investor
  • Food Engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Oil and Gas Engineer
  • Forestry Engineer
  • Plastics Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • automotive engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • biomedical engineer
  • buildings engineer
  • communications engineer
  • computer engineer
  • construction engineer
  • design engineer
  • environmental engineer
  • geological engineer
  • materials engineer
  • minerals engineer

If you work in any of these industries, and have a recognised qualification plus a few years experience, then our team of New Zealand migration consultants can help you with the process of migrating to new Zealand. If your profession isn't on the list, don't worry. There are a huge number of skilled workers needed in all sorts of categories, and at Sync Visas we offer a free assessment so you can learn your chances of getting a visa.

Low unemployment

One of the biggest draws to this country, and why so many people choose to apply for a visa and migrate to New Zealand from Dubai, is the low unemployment rate. There's a huge list of jobs that need to be filled in New Zealand, and not enough skilled people to take them on. At Sync Visas, you'll be able to deal with a consultant for New Zealand immigration who knows the ins and outs of the process, making it as quick and easy as possible, so you can start applying for your dream job.

Quality of life

Another reason why New Zealand is popular for those who want to work abroad is the great quality of life that's on offer. If you're considering migration to New Zealand from UAE, you'll be pleased to see all the benefits that are available, from free education for young people, cheap university fees for permanent residents, and excellent an excellent free healthcare system. Immigration to New Zealand from Dubai makes sense when you consider all the benefits it could have for you and your family.

Expert help

If you're considering a move to a new country, then fill in our online form or pick up the phone. We offer a free assessment for those wanting to learn more about migration to new Zealand, and can let you know your chances of getting a visa.

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